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Sildenafil Bluefish: ED Generic with Unknown Efficacy

  • Brand: Sildenafil Bluefish
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Bluefish Pharmaceuticals AB (publ)
  • Country of Manufacture: Sweden, Multinational
Sildenafil Bluefish Tablets
Sildenafil Bluefish Tablets

Review and Description

Sildenafil Bluefish belongs to the class of drugs named PDE5 inhibitors, this class of medications is used to help men suffering from the failure to get an erection for a sexual act. Sildenafil Bluefish is the generic version of a better-known brand called Viagra. It is manufactured by the Swedish company called Bluefish. It is new and fast expanding generics manufacturer of European origin. Though it is not a giant like the manufacturer of Viagra, it has done well in the recent years. The company Bluefish has successfully launched its product in various European nations like Sweden, Germany, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Austria.

Since Bluefish has launched its products in so many European countries, it is proved that company follows the standards of EU good manufacturing practices. These standards are among highest in the world, thus ensuring that anything company produces if of a high standard.

Bluefish Pharmaceuticals has around 84 products in its portfolio. It is a company that identifies the high volume, off-patent drugs and launches their generic versions in European countries.

Bluefish manufactures products in various therapeutic segments like antibiotics, cardiology, diabetes, endocrinology, neurology, pain management and urinary tract infections. As of today, it has only one brand to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men; this is because patents still protect all other molecules used to treat impotence in men in EU. Bluefish Sildenafil is available in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. It acts by improving blood flow in the penis when sexual stimulation is present.

Though at the moment this company is offering only one product to treat ED in men, soon it may launch few more products in this range as many other molecules may go off-patent shortly. It is also important to understand that till date there is no other group of drugs, which is as useful in the treatment of ED as PDE5 inhibitors, and sildenafil is the most tested among them.

Bluefish Office
Bluefish Office

Sildenafil Bluefish Reviews

There are no online reviews for this product, and this is no surprise. It is common with the companies operating only in the European market, especially those with a focus on central and western EU regions. The reason for this is stringent EU norms. Many EU countries do not want medicines to be sold on online platforms, while other requires a prescription to be submitted. Due to these legal barriers companies like Bluefish Pharmaceuticals prefer to sell their products through offline pharmacies.

But this creates a real problem for the buyer. No review means, no way to know about the real life user experience of the product. Also, it’s hard to verify that if such product is being sold online than is it of high quality or some counterfeit. Bluefish is not a multinational, but rather pan-European Company, there is scant information about it outside of some of the European countries where it is operational. Thus, we see no way to verify the quality of such product being sold online.

Pricing and Dosage

Sildenafil Bluefish is available as film-coated tablets. It is available as 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg pills. These tablets can also be divided if needed. Standard packing available widely is 100 mg in number 4 tablets.

The product is reasonably priced, and one tablet of 100 mg will cost around 40 US cents only, with further discounts on larger quantities, though one may need to pay additional shipment charges, especially for a smaller quantity.

It is recommended to start this pill by taking 50 mg, once a day, 30 to 60 minutes before the sexual act. No more than one pill to be taken in a day. Some men may not get the desired effect at 50 mg and may need to increase the dose to 100 mg, while in some cases reduction to 25 mg may be required.

Sildenafil Bluefish Cost
Sildenafil Bluefish Cost

How to Buy Sildenafil Bluefish Online

As with most of the mid-level European manufacturers, this pill isn’t widely available on the internet pharmacies. Neither will it be easy to buy this product, due to limited information in the English language. The vast majority of online stores selling this product are in other European languages.

This product is reasonably priced at around 1.5 USD for a pack of four 100 mg tablets. One may need to pay additional shipping charges, depending upon the quantity ordered.

How to Use

Sildenafil Bluefish belongs to the class of drugs which are taken according to the need. As they only provide temporary relief from ED and doesn’t cure it.

It is recommended to start by taking 50 mg, 30-60 minutes before the sexual act. This dose can be adjusted according to efficacy, either increased to 100 mg or decreased to 25 mg.

It works best if taken on empty stomach with a glass of water.

Side Effects

Well-tolerated and safe, this is what can be said about sildenafil. Very few people complain about the adverse reactions. Some of the most common unwanted reactions reported about this pill are feeling warmth in the face, congested nose, mild headaches, and sometimes gastrointestinal disturbances.

Though sildenafil is safe for most people, people suffering from various cardiological diseases and hypertension must practice a caution.


Sildenafil Bluefish is a generic version of Viagra, belonging to the class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors, it contains sildenafil. Sildenafil is a proven treatment for the male impotence or ED.

There are no doubts that sildenafil is the best thing men suffering from ED can buy. But for the product Sildenafil Bluefish, there are no online reviews, making difficult for a buyer to take a decision.

Manufacturer of this product is known for producing cheap generic versions of well-known drugs for the European market. Having manufacturing facilities in EU means that manufacturer has to follow the local standards of good manufacturing practices.

I would give this product a rating of 3 out of 5, as neither the manufacturer is well-known outside some of the European countries where it is working actively nor this brand has any online reviews to know and learn more about the efficacy of the product.

Finally, it is important to remember that before starting to take any drug it is always better to consult a doctor, as the specialist can tell if the drug is safe for you and will help in your condition. A disease like ED is mostly secondary to various other health problems. Thus, your doctor will prescribe treatment for other conditions along with the sildenafil.

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