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Sildenafil Neuraxpharm: Unknown Among Customers Sildenafil Generic

  • Brand: Sildenafil Neuraxpharm
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Тeuraxpharm Arzneimittel GmbH
  • Country of Manufacture: Germany
Sildenafil Neuraxpharm Brand
Sildenafil Neuraxpharm Brand


Review and Description

Sildenafil Neuraxpharm is the brand of Neuraxpharm Arzneimittel, a Germany-based company. It is the drug which works in the same manner as Viagra. After the immense success of Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men, many companies have come out with their generic variation of this popular drug. Thus, Sildenafil Neuraxpharm is a drug aimed at treating impotence in men, improving male sexual performance.

Neuraxpharm Arzneimittel is a company that manufactures generic drugs. It’s a company that produces drugs to treat various neurological and psychiatric conditions. It started functioning in 1985. The company was established in Dusseldorf, Germany. It follows the manufacturing standard of European Union. Today company offers more than 100 APIs and more than 450 finished formulations to treat various disease conditions.

It is exquisite if a company has a manufacturing unit in Germany. Any factory that is located in Germany has to follow very high standards of manufacturing practice to get a license in Germany and supply their product in other EU nations.

But this is a company with a focus on generics for neurology and psychiatry, and other disease conditions are not their prime focus. Location of the factory in Germany may sound good, but this is not a company of global level, but a small manufacturer of local importance. In comparison to the other main manufacturers of generic drugs, their price is also much higher. For consumers opting to buy generic of Viagra, the price is the single most important deciding factor.

Neuraxpharm Arzneimittel doesn’t manufacture any other drug for the treatment of ED except Sildenafil Neuraxpharm. The reason being that other molecules used to treat ED are still protected by patent laws in the EU.

Sildenafil is till date one of the most well-known molecules to treat impotence in men and boost their performance. This drug helps men to get a hard and lasting erection on sexual stimulation. It works by improving the blood flow into penile spongy tissue. It has a proven safety record.

Neuraxpharm Arzneimittel Office
Neuraxpharm Arzneimittel Office

Sildenafil Neuraxpharm Reviews

There is no trace of client reviews available for this formulation. The reason is understood, it is a small German company, mainly focusing on the manufacturing of drugs to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders. Drugs to treat male health problems are not the focus of this manufacturer.

It makes no sense to buy the generic of Viagra from a small German company. There are many generic versions of Viagra, which are far cheaper and are of high quality. Online reviews of those brands show that anyone who bought them is satisfied with the results.

Thus, we recommend not buying the brand of sildenafil that is practically unknown, and the manufacturer has no reputation in the area of male health. Better choose from the variety of better-known brands with several years of proven track record.

Pricing and Dosage

Sildenafil Neuraxpharm comes only in the dose of 100 mg. It is sold as film-coated tablets. It has packing of 4 and even 12 tablets. When it comes to pricing, it is not among the cheap variants, with a price of single tablet exceeding 4 USD. At this price, it is almost comparable to the original Viagra. Thus, buying generic at the cost of original has no logic.

Sildenafil Neuraxpharm Price
Sildenafil Neuraxpharm Price

Though 100 mg taken once before having intercourse is considered to be an adequate dose in the majority of people, but still, the starting recommended dose is 50 mg. If 50 mg doesn’t help, then the dose can be increased to get the needed result.

How to Buy Sildenafil Neuraxpharm Online

Buying Sildenafil Neuraxpharm online isn’t going to be an easy task. It has limited availability on online pharmacies. Most of the online drug stores selling it are from Germany or other Central European nations, which means that most of the websites selling this brand are not in the English language. This brand is only available widely in Germany.

Another hurdle which one can expect to face is that European websites selling Sildenafil Neuraxpharm may demand a prescription from a doctor. Most of the website doesn’t quote the cost of shipping, and what countries can they ship their product to.

How to Use

Sildenafil is a very easy pill to take, it is not a drug which has to be taken on a daily basis at the fixed time, but rather this pill is taken 60 minutes before intercourse. Only one pill is needed in a day. If you are not planning to have any intercourse, then you don’t need to take this medicine.

Most of the medical literature recommends starting this medicine by taking 50 mg if this doesn’t help you then increase its dose up to 100 mg.

Apart from tablets, many manufacturers are also selling sildenafil as a chewable tablet, sachet packs containing sildenafil gel.

Side Effects

It is known to be quite a safe product, a fact confirmed by the millions of men using sildenafil each year. Most common side effects reported with sildenafil are mild headaches, irritation of upper respiratory track, reddening of the face, dizziness. Good news is that the side effects don’t last long.

Caution is recommended if a person is taking certain kind of medicines to treat high blood pressure, or has an Ischaemic heart problem. As a person can overindulge in sex, after taking sildenafil, this can be dangerous if you have a weak heart.


Sildenafil Neuraxpharm is one of the potent solutions to the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is also used in rare disease condition called pulmonary arterial hypertension.

What goes really against this brand is the fact that there are no online reviews, and the manufacturing company is also not very well known. Manufacturer of this product specializes in neurological and psychiatric generic drugs, rather than in drugs to treat male health problems.

Availability of product is limited to few Central European countries. Most of the online pharmacies selling this brand are not in English, this adds to the problem of ordering the product.

Taking all these factors into consideration, I would give this product not more than 3-star rating. In other words, my recommendation is to look for a product made by the bigger manufacturer, opt for a brand which is better known and have at least some online reviews.

And one last word of caution, not to start taking any medicine, without consulting your treating doctor. The only qualified doctor can know whether sildenafil is safe for you or not. Like any other drug, sildenafil may have some rare drug interactions and side effects.

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